Thursday, July 31, 2008

Questions to Consider

I receive Mark Sanborn's email newsletter called Leadership Lessons. The most recent issue was especially insightful. It was titled Live Like Your Life Depends On It. There were many good points, but the checklist below stood out to me.

Checklist for a Successful Day

Did I tell or show someone that I loved them?
Did I compliment or praise someone I live or work with today?
Did I read a book or listen to a tape that stimulated my thinking?
Did I increase my skill in my profession?
Did I do something for good health?
Am I closer to my goals than when I woke up this morning?
Did I do anything tough or challenging to build discipline?
Did I do something just for the pure joy of it?
Have I taken time to reflect on the lessons of the day?
Have I planned for another successful day tomorrow?
If you can answer yes to most of these questions, you have created a day of uncommon success.

I agree.

What r u thankful 4?

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