Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Calling Dad

Why is it we put off things that we want to do and know we should do? That ugly old vice procrastination rears its head and days turn into weeks. I sure wish I understood why that happens.

I enjoy chatting with Dad on the phone and we even connect up on IM occasionally. That usually doesn't last long as Dad's typing skills don't allow for rapid-fire IMing and I'm usually on IM at work (not a good place to catch up with the family). Email sort of works. It just seems like there are always huge gaps between emails and continuity is lost. A phone call is really the best way to stay connected.

I've thought about scheduling in phone calls. But thinking is as far as it gets. I even try to manipulate myself into seeing the importance by playing mind games like asking myself..."How awful would I feel if I got a call that something horrible had happened to Dad and I hadn't heeded the numerous urges to call him that I've had over the last few days and weeks?"

My conclusion - the best way to take of this problem is to just make the call - even if I'm late getting home, I have to make dinner and I promised to take the Daughter shopping. Heck, I can multitask, right? So I did it. And I'm thankful I did. It's a time between both our birthdays so birthday wishes were shared. We caught up on each other and the rest of our respective families. We even shared a couple of chuckles. It only took about 15 minutes and cost maybe two bucks.

So...what was I waiting for?

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