Monday, February 27, 2017

I Think I'll Try This Goal Setting Stuff

I'm going to set a few goals for myself. There are tons of awesome books and internet articles on the topic. There are so many approaches to goal setting that sometimes finding the best fit can be overwhelming. But for this attempt I'm going to use Evernote to help remind me of my goals. According to Evernote Scott in his terrific Youtube video, looking at your goals every day helps improve your success rate. 

Scott's approach is very thorough and maybe just a tad bit too involved, so I culled several of his ideas that I think will be helpful to me right now. (I have finally gotten to a place in life where I feel free to take what I need from a resource without following every single suggestion.) The Daily Morning Ritual page is a must have. This check-list type page is a great step-by-step guide for the morning. I hope that the items on the list become habits so that I can someday remove the page. I liked that page so much I made an Daily Afternoon Ritual page for when I get home from work.  I kept the Journal page and the Vision Board page (although there isn't much there yet). His pages titled My Why's and My Motto are similar to a page I have called My Mission Statement and Core Values. I turned Daily Reminders into Weekly Goals. I added a Prayer page and a Quarterly Goal page. 

While I'm not going to share my specific goals here, I am going to say that I've broken my goals down into 5 main categories - spiritual, family, physical health, home, personal and social. These are areas that I've previously identified as important to me. I have a total of 10 goals for the next week. When it comes to writing goals I don't get super formal about the structure. I can easily spend so much time concocting goals following a specific formula that I don't have time to work on the actions required to achieve them. I'll check in next Monday and give an update on my success. 

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