Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It's Time to Simplify

I've been thinking about letting the blog go. I'm not as interested in blogging as I've been in the past. Frankly, it's a time thing. Plus there are just so many other blogs out there that do that blog thing better than mine. I don't think of it as quitting, but more as a priority realignment.

I struggle to find time to squeeze blogging into my schedule. Some of my favorite bloggers (Bonnie of Quiltville Snips and Quips and Crystal of Money Saving Mom) are so prolific, even with their busy lives, that I often wonder why I struggle to get something online. Having the "want to" just isn't enough. It's got to become a priority, a goal or a habit - a discipline.

Discipline is not my strongest suit. It is defined as: to train or develop by instruction and exercise especially in self-control. Well now...that sounds doable. After all, isn't that what I'm doing with Weight Watchers? The idea of training is intriguing. Bending and pruning plants so they conform to a preferred course comes to mind when I thing about training. Teaching children how to behave is another example, as is an athlete preparing for a particular event in his career. 

The motivation for pursuing discipline is probably the biggest challenge. At one time I wanted to blog because I thought it might help me in my career pursuits. I'm not sure I'm still convinced that is true. So, here I am arguing with myself. But perhaps I need to simplify and just look at my blog name - Thankful Kim. I could simply choose to post about those things for which I am thankful, keeping it simple and short. What a concept!

So here goes:
Today I am thankful for my small group (from our church). I'm finally getting to know people here in our "new" home. It's been a year and a half since we moved and we are just now starting to feel like we have friends, not just acquaintances. These are people who know what's going on in our lives and care about us. This is cool. 

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