Thursday, February 2, 2012

I'm Thankful for The Bible

While teaching the four year old class at church last Sunday I was trying to remember the song that I used to sing back in my preschool teacher days. It was a very simple little ditty. After mulling it over I believe I've got it. It goes something like this:

The Bible is a special book
God's words are written there
I'll keep it in a special place
And handle it with care.

This little song is meant to instill a respect for the bible. It is indeed God's holy word and it should be handled with care and reverence. It is also meant to come out of that special place and be cracked open...regularly.

I'm glad to say that so far this year I have studied it daily. I'm thankful for this love letter from God and what I have learned by taking the time to dig deeper.

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