Wednesday, March 24, 2010

HGTV Puts Home In Perspective

With a move on the horizon, I find that I'm glued to the little TV in my kitchen, watching the HGTV channel pretty much all the time. Property Virgins - even though I'm not one. Holmes on Homes - what a great guy! House Hunters - Which house will they choose?

These shows are intriguing because the viewer gets to go into peoples' homes and see how "creative" they are. I've seen some pretty interesting color combinations along with window coverings, flooring options and house layouts. Some houses are luxurious and have all the latest amenities such as fancy stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and lovely cherry cabinets. Some are tiny and simple with loft refrigerators and mini cooktops.Exteriors range from crafstman to fugly and everything in between. It's pretty amazing how ingenious home design can be.

I come away from these shows with a sense of thankfulness. I'm thankful that I can decorate my home to my liking and make it mine. I can choose the paint coverings, which type of curtains and what theme (Americana is a recent favorite) to go with.

Sure I'm leaving my home behind soon, but I'll adopt a new home. I'll paint, decorate, get new furniture and plant some plants. With a little time, sweat and inspiration from books and magazines I'll leave my fingerprint on the home or homes in my future.

A house does not make a home. It's the people who live there, learning to appreciate what they've got, that make a house home. Whether here or there...I'm thankful that I have a place to call home.

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