Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Enjoyment

Who in their right mind has a blog called Thankful Kim and doesn't post on Thanksgiving day? That would be me. I was a little busy. Okay, actually there really was very little busyness on Thanksgiving day. I cleaned (mother-in-law was coming to dinner) and I cooked, but nothing too fancy.

We went with simple fare this year. The food was easy and plentiful. That's all my family really wanted. And for this I was thankful. The rolls are courtesy of my daughter, who is quite the baker. This was the first time I made cranberry sauce. I can guarantee it won't be the last. Everyone loved it.

My mother-in-law had been released from a 10-day hospital stay earlier in the week and was doing well. Accompanying her was my father-in-law who finds little in life to complain about. I like to have him over when I've been cooking. He'll always say the food is tasty. To him all food is good.

My husband is working--sometimes 3 jobs in a given week. This makes for an interesting schedule, but we are managing to survive, even thrive, and learning to appreciate together time more than ever.

My kids are healthy and thoughtful. Their lives are set out before them like a buffet. It's interesting to see the choices they are making and sometimes tough to keep the lips zipped when those choices don't make sense to me. But I'm learning to let go and trust that they learned a few things growing up in our household. They are inquisitive, carry on great conversations and they make me laugh. They enjoy life and I enjoy them.

Last Thursday was a day to bask in the good things that are part of my life. I had been looking forward to Thanksgiving weekend for months. It meant 4 days off work and a chance to relax. No Black Friday shopping for me, with the exception of a quick run to the fabric store. It was home time. Time to get down the Christmas boxes and pull out the old cherished decorations, break out the M&M's and deck the house for the holidays. And that's what I did.

Sometimes the anticipation of a holiday is more fun than the actual holiday. Not this time. I anticipated, I enjoyed and I was thankful. In fact, I still am.

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