Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I've Gone Organizing Crazy

On a shelf in my sewing room sit a little over one hundred quilt magazines. It looks like this -

I'm constantly lamenting that I wished I could remember which patterns were in which magazines. Well...I think I've come up with a solution for this conundrum. I'm going to index the patterns that I like. This is a bit of an undertaking - no short-term project, to be sure.

The process goes like this - 
  • Go through each magazine and use a sticking not to mark the page of a quilt I like.
  • After going through the magazine mark a / in the upper right corner of the cover, so I'll know which magazines I've gone through and which I still need to go through.
  • Take a picture of the quilt in the magazine (choose the best option to show as much of the quilt as possible).
  • Upload the images to my Flickr account. After uploading the images mark a \ in the upper right corner of the cover to create an X.
  • Edit each picture changing the name, adding a description that includes the magazine name, month and page number. Use the tag feature to note if it is easy, intermediate, difficult and whether it has other features such as being fat quarter friendly, scrappy, has stars, baby quilt, etc. When completely done mark one more line through the X on the front cover in the upper right to create a star and mark a dot at the top of the spine, so I'll know which magazines have been indexed.

Now what I have is a searchable index of all the quilts I already have patterns for in my own collection.

After going through the magazines, I plan to do the same with my pattern collections and even go through my books. I think this will help me to know what I have and even be able to share with others when they mention a need. 

I know I'll still purchase some patterns along the way. I hoping that by keeping organized and having a way to access what I already own, I'll make good use of the money I've already spent. 

So, this is the plan. We'll see how it goes. 

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