Monday, July 22, 2013

Thankfulness is an Antidote for Negative Thoughts

Thankfulness causes me to acknowledge that the source of all I have isn't me, but the Lord God. I don’t really need to occupy myself with pride or guilt.

Sometimes I’m overwhelmed with the sheer volume of all that I could be doing. When that happens I find that my focus is on that stuff and not on the fact that having all those options is a blessing.

Because I have so much, I want to make the best possible use of all of it. And down into the rabbit hole I go on a quest for better productivity. Sure, being a good steward is a wonderful goal, but when it is to the exclusion of enjoying life and appreciating the moment, then something has gone awry. When I have the realization that becoming more productive has become more important than becoming godly, then I know it’s time to reign it in. That’s usually when I endeavor to refocus on all the blessings I have/experience/share with others. It’s at these times that I remember Romans 11:36 – Everything comes from the Lord.

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