Monday, October 29, 2012

Sewing is Fun!

Tomorrow is the second day of my "weekend." Since I spent yesterday (the first day of my weekend) doing household stuff, I will be able to spend tomorrow having fun. Now I just need to decide what that fun looks like. I'm thinking it could look like sewing.

I tend to put off sewing until all the work is complete. Which is being disciplined, I suppose. Or boring. I got a chance to sew a little at work the other day and it just whet my appetite for more sewing time.

 Here's what I whipped up -

It's a 10 minute table runner. I saw the instructions on YouTube. It really took about an hour. That's because I was using a strange machine - not my usual trusty Bernina. Plus the ironing board was in a different room. The instructions were in yet another room. It was crazy. At the insistence of a co-worker I even made the tassels with metallic embroidery floss - that took the most time. I think it turned out cute. And it motivated me.

 Now...what to work on tomorrow?

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