Friday, August 20, 2010

Life in Texas

We've settled in ... sort of. The house is under control. Furniture is purchased, decorating is in process and we're feeling pretty comfortable in our new space.

With the kids starting college next week schedules will be solidifying. Hopefully, jobs will be on the horizon for them as well. I have a part-time job now and will be working regularly scheduled times for the unforeseeable future. My husband is still job-hunting so there will be more adjusting when he begins working. It's a good thing this process is gradual. I'm not sure we would have survived the transition intact if everything had slammed together at once.

We are facing the tough reality that the cost of living isn't quite as inexpensive as we first thought. This is a bit of a hurdle and will prove challenging for us since only one of us is employed right now. We'll be living off our savings. So for the time being we will be pinching the pennies pretty tightly. Now, I'm no stranger to coupons and frugal living, but it has been a while since we've needed to live this lean. I'll need to draw on the resources that I have gathered to creatively stretch our budget.

I have to keep reminding myself that God is the blessed controller of all things and our circumstances aren't a surprise to him. While reminding myself of this I need to focus also on utilizing the skills and talents he's given me to make the best of my resources. I know this part of life's journey will probably not be easy, but who said life was easy. I'm going to make the choice to remain thankful in my circumstances and rely on the promises of God to see me through.

I hope to share what I learn - whether practical or philosophical - in this blog. Join me on the journey.

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