Monday, July 13, 2009

Still Thankful One Year Later

It's been a while since I've blogged. Mostly I've been pretty busy. My husband had a huge change in his job situation which recently culminated in his being laid off. I've added additional hours to my work week. Add to that some extreme couponing and church commitments and it makes for a pretty busy life. Finally, it seems that things are calming down a bit.

I'm reluctant to make commitments or promises about my blog, but I'm not ready to give it up completely. I started to blog in hopes of having a ministry or career that would involve speaking to moms. I wanted to encourage other women to find the bright side of life. Since I have very few readers, I think it's safe to say that this may not be the course I'm destined to take.

One of the challenges I've run into is that I struggle to find the bright side of life. I knew this about myself and thought perhaps this would add a sense of realness to the blog. I think it has, but it has also proven to be a stumbling block to consistency in blogging because sometimes I just don't feel very thankful.

Another challenge is that I'm coming to the conclusion that I may not be the public speaking type. Since there haven't been any opportunities to hone that skill it's difficult to tell at this time. I'm still open to the idea, but don't have the energy or inclination to pursue public speaking like I thought I might a year ago.

As I move forward with the blog I'm not sure exactly where I plan to go. I still hope to focus on being thankful, but there may be various other themes, like family, couponing, dealing with unemployment and assorted other topics.

Right now I'm thankful for fans because it's picken' hot. I'm thankful for our savings account which is allowing us the flexibility we need to deal with this uncertain time. I'm thankful for my computer because it allows me to stay connected to friends and family. I'm thankful for those people in our lives who have reached out to us and shown us love by offering of themselves in ways that were genuine and caring.

Sometimes saying I'm thankful seems so trite and yet it really does convey the sense that I have of wanting to express my feelings of gratitude to a God who loves me and takes wonderful care of me every day.

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