Saturday, May 9, 2009


My local JoAnn's was recently remodeled and the ownership decided to have a 3 day special celebration. Since that store is only about 3 blocks from my house I had planned to attend. I had ready on a flier that they were giving $5 gift cards and free cloth shopping bags to the first 50 customers for those 3 days.

I was sure that I'd read the opening time as 10:00 a.m. I figured I'd swing by and see if there was long line and then determine if it was worth it try to be in that group. Sitting in a line for an indefinite amount of time on a Saturday morning didn't sound like a fun thing to do.

At 9:07, when I pulled out the flier to see if there was a coupon attached, I noticed that the opening time for the day was 9:00. Dang! I was sure I'd missed my chance. And I still hadn't fixed my hair or put on make-up. Oh well, I decided it was worth a try so I rushed to the car and bipped up the road.

As I walked in the door the opened was crowded with people filling in the drawing entry form. The employee at the door smiled at me. I asked, rather skeptically (based on the full parking lot) if I was one of the first 50. Sure enough - I was! She handed me my gift card and my bag. Woohoo!

Now I know it isn't much. But these days, with the husband working 0 hours (and getting paid commensurately) every little bit helps. So I'm glad I was able to eschew vanity for a few minutes and take a risk. It paid off and that's a great way to start a Saturday.

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